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Stonecreek Funding

The owners of Stonecreek Funding, a dynamic young company, sought an office environment to reflect their energy as well as accommodate their growth. With Stonecreek's principals and broker, Greenfield Architects developed a contemporary art gallery scheme for a turn-of-the-century building in Denver's LoDo (lower downtown).  The building, constructed of exposed brick and heavy timber, is an outstanding example of the historic district's unique character.

Working with a pre-selected general contractor, Greenfield Architects crafted an environment meeting both aesthetic and budget objectives. By intergrating architectural elements. lighting and a custom color palette, Greenfield Architects created a unique and dramatic corporate image for Stonecreek.

Stonecreek E Entry
Stonecreek E Sitting
Stonecreek E Break Room
Stonecreek E Main
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