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South Metro Fire Rescue

To accommodate the need for increased fire and life safety protection services, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority wishes to construct a new classroom, wellness center and apparatus training building. The new preparedness building will be constructed on a site at their training ground located at 17801 Plaza Drive just west of the intersection of 20 Mile Road and Plaza Drive.


The preparedness building will provide classrooms, locker rooms, a wellness center, equipment mockups and apparatus garages for use in training recruits and firefighters in the latest means and methods for protecting and preserving the health, safety and welfare of the public. The new facility will also provide evening classes to the general public for training in a variety of life safety courses.  


To meet these needs, Greenfield Architects has developed an architectural concept utilizing a two-story, steel frame structure containing approximately 21,500-square-feet. The basic envelope is conceived as two intersecting cubes bisected by an open and airy light well/atrium feature which interconnects the training ground on the east and the parking lot on the west side of the project site. 

SMFR DD Set Render_Small
SMFD Level 1 Mech Plan_SMFR Preparedness Building
SMFD  New Easement_ Proposed Lot Lines_South Metro site 082317
SMFD Wall Section_SMFR Preparedness Building
SMFD North Wall_Atrium Section_SMFR Preparedness Building
SMFD Stair Section Diagram 10 11 2017
SMFD Foundation study sketch 12152017
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