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Architectural Services and Benefits

A Project Delivery Approach


Operates at two interconnected levels. A pragmatic level, on which specific requirements are listed and interrelated. An aspirational level, which strives to capture the clients dreams and desires.

As architects this is our discovery phase where we uncover the facts regarding what you want to

build, why you want to build it and how you propose to get it built. We do this so that the continuity

of your hopes and desires remains unchanged throughout the project.



Establishes the general scope, conceptual design, and the scale and relationships among the components of the project.

This is our first creative analysis to meld written data into a three-dimensional building solution.

We do this to understand the implications for offering an architectural solution driven by our

programming and master planning.



Preparation of drawings and specifications that fix and describe the size and character of the project.

Based on your approval of our Schematic Design we select and document in design terms the

materials, colors, and textures to be used in creating the architectural form(s) which will become

your completed project. We do this so that prior to commencement of our construction

documentation phase the written and graphic documents created here can be used as a check on

both design functionality and the probable cost of construction.




The written and graphic documentation prepared for communicating the design to be built and for administering the project.

This phase integrates the collective expertise of the entire design team. From architecture to

structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and civil engineering we carefully and methodically

develop the details and written specifications to be used in constructing the project. We do this so

that the selected builder will have a clear understanding of the owner’s expectation for delivering

the finished project. These written and graphic documents are also used for permitting and bidding

the project.




The building industry provides its statement of what it can do, how much time it will take to do it, and what price it will charge.

Here we assist the owner with the process of issuing documents for bidding by multiple builders.

We do this to provide insight and expertise regarding bid comparisons and analyzing the best fit

between builder, owner and architect.




In architecture, construction is the ultimate reality, here plans and ideas, drawings and specifications take physical form.

Builders know how to get your project built. Architects know why your building project is to be

built per the design shown in the drawings and specifications. Here is where all of your pragmatic

and aspirational dreams and desires come to life. Only your architect has the continuity of thought

starting from programming and master planning to confirm that the project is being built per the

plans and specifications.




Installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

As the creator of the design for your building we understand why every space has a specific

configuration. Our involvement here is to assist in making certain the equipment and tools needed

for each stakeholder and staff member are properly installed and configured.




Conversations with the owner and employees.

We do this as confirmation that everyone has the space and proper equipment to perform their

daily assignments as communicated to us in our initial programming and master planning services.

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