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Jim Greenfield

A deceptively simple visual feast of a well-designed architectural structure or interior space is a complex endeavor that requires a seasoned team of professionals. Projects that evolve through an interactive partnership between the client, architect and contractor achieve the greatest value for the most competitive cost. Our practice is dedicated to finding and delivering best-value projects with the best design possible.


Jim Greenfield founded Greenfield Architects in 1985 to fulfill his commitment to strong client participation in the architectural process. He is committed to the principal of design-by-team through an open and commonsense approach that supports both owner and tenant. Listening, consensus building, and the clarification of needs vs. wants are keystones to his client-centered approach.


Jim is a 1972 graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in Architecture. He is registered in Colorado, California, Wyoming, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nebraska and is NCARB certified.

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